Born July 12 2010 True Jet Black & White Tobiano Filly
  DNA TESTED E/e ( a/a Agouti ) N/N Cream Dilution
  N/N Lethal White Overo.
Skipin To The Stars
Tees Legacy aka Mr Black
Yella As I Wanna Be
Tees Target
Silk N Quincy
Sir Cool Star
2010 Black & White Filly
Temons Missy Mouse
Mr Yella Fella
Eye Caught The Mouse
Ms Totally Temon
Designs On You
Designs On You
Lets Skip Town
Page Impressive
Design By Money
Terrins Magic Hobby
Robins Triple Tee
Quincy Jitterbug
Silky Sunrise
Mr Robin Boy
Skipa Star Candy
Sweet Rosie Reed
Ima Cool Skip
Skipa Star
Enchantress Lady
Silver Sun Jack
Miss Totally Te
Beauty is beholding to the eye and pedigree is forever !
Click on picture to see her sire
Click on picture to see her dam
Above picture taken on August 27 2010
Just 3 hours old
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This filly is so awesome ! beautiful head, neck that ties in high and she even has a big doe eye like her dam. Look at  that color.She is a true jet Black & White Tobiano.
This filly has some of the greatest horses in her
pedigree ( See Below ) Ima Cool Skip, Mr Yella Fella, and double bred Skipa Star.

This video was taken on Sept 22, 2010
She is 9 weeks old in this video as you can see her coat is turning into the true jet black color. She is a beauty
            This video was taken on August 27 2010
In this video near the end is this filly's sire Mr Black and the black mare is the filly's dam.
The above pictures were taken on               Oct 13 2010
Above video was taken on
      Oct 13 2010
Click on small pictures to see enlarge
Pictures were taken on 11-04-2010
A big Thank You
to all of you
that inquired about
this awesome
filly. She has been
sold to
Cynthia in
Walnut California
The mare to this filly
is also for sale click  HERE
to go to her page. This mare
is bred back to the same stallion, she will foal late
2011. So you just might get the same awesome foal.
Above picture was taken on 1-26-2010