The pictures below are of Mr when he was 10 months old.
This picture was taken in April 2008 out in pasture. He was two years old.
Yella As I Wanna Be, Is Mr Blacks sire.                     
Mr Yella Fella is a two time World Champion he              is the grandsire of Mr Black
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Mr Black at 5 days old with his dam
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In the above picture, it was taken at the Tabor Ranch In Taxes, We purchase Mr Black from Fred Tabor.
In the picture Mr  was 10 months old. 
Yella As I Wanna Be is Mr's Black 's  Sire
Pictures taken on 11-04-2010
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Above pictures were taken when Mr was 2 years old
2 Time AQHA World Champion Mr Yella Fella is
Mr Black's  Grand Sire
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