A talk about pain, tears, hard times
When tears come and pain is unbearable and there is real sorrow and real sin in our life there are things that can help us get through these hard times. I want to talk  about the lord Jesus Christ and the gift of salvation. He died for us and knows us and did all these things because he loves us. When this times come remember that God loves broken things. He made them everywhere. God  understands that and wants us not to panic. It takes broken clouds to water the earth, Broken earth to plant a seed, broken wheat to make bread. We are new at this and our faith and understanding are tested. But God can  fix it. This is part of the plan it is eternal, all of this got worked out by our heavenly father to make sure that our lives get fixed.
We need to Be believing. The thing that he may love more than anything else in us is broken. We are all under covenant to sacrifice. Be obedient. Our sacrifice is to have a broken heart and contrite spirit. The world is saved through sacrifice. We are supposed to feel sorrowful for sin. The road to salvation is a hard one,  but we need to take a few steps towards calvary. And we need to take up our own little cross.
We have to pay expensive tuition but we get such a good education with  the tests we go through. Nobody in the history of the world has ever resurrected until Jesus Christ. He knows us and he is pleading with us to believe, have faith and have hope.
Keep trying its ok if your heart hurts a little, don't panic when things hurt. Be trusting that we declare the restoration and the resurrection. Things can be fixed. We are all broken a little.
When these times come, endure and save yourself for the happiness ahead. We need to count our blessings. We need to endure. We have an amazing potential.
When we endure you are not to whine, this is the refiners fire we are not going to act like little people. And say why did I even pay all that tithing and do all those things for nothing. In the  middle of the storm why get off the boat. We need to stay close to the gospel. Do not bail out of there. Do not walk away from the only salvation you will ever have in THIS world, pray to just to have the strength to endure it well.
Stay and the storm will pass. It's going to be ok.
Jesus Christ can fix it. Don't be so fearful. We need to be believers. Trusting, things will be better. The least we can do is resist our fears and one of these mornings you will see the light.
Consider the greatness of evidence, to believe. The reason we endure and keep forward is because its true. It is all true.
You will be healed,  your prayers will be answered that you may be comforted and uplifted.
Christ lives today, the blessing is as if his hands were on our heads and those blessings will carry towards all whom we love.